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The Book of Leviticus is considered by some to be place Bible reading plans go to die.  In this series we look at the richness that is contained within one of the most neglected books of the Bible.  There is a predominant theme woven throughout book…God is Holy and we are not.

Tabernacled- God Among Us Title

God has chosen to tabernacle (dwell) among us His people.  We see this within the Old Testament tabernacle and, later, the temple.  Then Christ-incarnate dwelt among His people.  Today the Holy Spirit dwells among His people. Not only has God chosen to dwell among His people but the tabernacle itself finds its complete fulfillment in the life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

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Bondage is oppressive.  In the Book of Exodus we see the faithfulness of God in repeatedly delivering His people.  We can draw a parallel between the Israelites of the exodus and our own lives.  We are in bondage to sin…oppressed.  God is faithful to deliver us the bondage of sin by grace through sin.

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The story of Joseph contains example after example of evil intentions.  His brothers sold him into slavery.  He was wrongly imprisoned.  He was forgotten about.  Yet over and over we read “God was with him.”  Through the life of Joseph we see that God will use awful circumstances for His glory and or benefit.  As Joseph says, “What you have meant for harm, God has meant for God.”

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We have set out to accomplish our dreams, our plans.  What happens though when everything seems backward?  The truth is God often times accomplishes His purpose in ways that we don’t anticipate or sometimes even understand.  This series looks at how God’s plan was seemingly backwards through the life of Jacob but in reality God was divinely working out His plan.

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Babel has always seemed like an odd story that did very little to advance faith in God.  In fact, it seems counter productive.  In this series we look at how God was accomplishing His purpose through the sin at Babel.  God is getting ready to chose the people through whom He is going to reveal His love and grace to the world.  Before doing so, languages are confused and cultures scattered…making unique people groups…from which He chooses the family of Abraham, the father of the Hebrews.